Monday, June 25, 2012

When in Drought...

22 days, 7.5 hours, 8 minutes and 44 seconds

When in Drought…

Since we haven't seen a speck of moisture fall from the sky in about 22 days, 7.5 hours, 8 minutes and 44 seconds (or something like that) I started thinking about droughts — probably a result of major dehydration from the extra hours of watering my new plant stock.

Naturally, I also began to think about the word 'doubt.'  When I later googled the phrase "When in doubt..."— I found a few answers: 

When in doubt — throw it out.
When in doubt — take more time.
When in doubt — mumble.
When in doubt — sing loud.
Benjamin Franklin said: When in doubt — don’t.
Oliver Wendell Holmes said: When in doubt — do it.

But how would you finish the phrase: When in drought?

When in drought  — ____________________________________________________.

A horrible sight...
What happens during a 90°F drought when you only water a hanging basket once a day.