Sunday, June 10, 2012

A New Addition to my Garden. And what do you say? Yay or Nay?

My garden was missing something...

Last summer I installed (and by "I," I actually mean my husband) three mirrors as a backdrop to my Japanese Maple and hosta garden. The effect I was aiming for unequivocally did NOT work.

Mirrors removed.

Earlier this summer I (and yes, you know what "I" means) installed two panels of  a three sided dark cherry lattice backdrop worked.

But my garden was still missing something.

Today, before church, my gardening partner and I went to our local Bargersville Flea Market. And although Steve had to talk me into it -- (He makes quick decisions and I like to plod in thought before I buy anything) we purchased a bronze 4-foot long Japanese outdoor lantern.

It took:

30- minutes to decide where it should hang.
60-minutes to lasso the rope over the correct tree limb.
90-minutes to chainsaw and trim tree limbs that were in the way.
60- minutes to drag the limbs to the fire/pit and compost pile.

....but spending time in the garden with my partner was priceless.

The next step is to find some solar or battery-operated lights to fill the inside of the lantern.

Do you think the lantern works?

Last summer during the drought, I put in a Japanese Maple/Hosta Garden.  Erroneously (because it looked dumb and didn't really work) I put in three mirrors (now removed) as a "backdrop" to this garden canvas. Today on a pre-church trip to the Bargersville Flea Market, my gardening partner and I spotted this bronze latticed Japanese-looking lantern. After a few attempts to lasso a rope over the correct tree limb, it now hangs in the garden awaiting candles or battery-operated lights. 

Another angle...and though it does look like we have a cow trough in our yard -- there is a fence separating our yard from the cow pasture next door. And yes, I will be jumping the fence soon to move the unused trough to another nearby location. 

I can't wait to install the lights and see what it looks like at night.