Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If you buy them, they will come... (home with you)

Bought some beautiful new perennials for my garden at the IMA Perennial Premiere on April 21st, including:

Amsonia hubrichtii  (threadleaf which has light blue star flowers) — from IMA gardens
Hosta 'T-Rex' — one of the largest Hostas on the market, 30"h x 80"w
Baptisia australis — wild false indigo (I fell in love with Baptisia writing an article on Wilma Rasdall's garden)
Wisteria frutescens 'Amethyst Falls'— A gorgeous vigorous vine with huge lavender blue flowers. I am absolutely sure mine will be as beautiful as the one growing near the IMA greenhouse shop!
Brunnera macrophyllia  'Jack Frost' — a.k.a Silver Siberian bugloss with tiny sky blue flowers.
Hosta 'City Lights'— a large classic sun tolerant hosta. 27" tall X 55" wide.
Canna 'Austrailia' aka 'Feuerzauber' — I'm looking forward to the brilliant red blooms!

And yes, I do know that ten full days have passed and only one plant  has been planted. [Hosta T Rex, if you were curious.] 'The husband' who was my date on this festive IMA excursion noted that he liked the plants where they were in the above photo...which is quite similar... no, actually, EXACTLY how we unloaded them from the truck ten days ago.

So I was thinking two things: 

1) If you buy them....they will come (home with you.)

2) But seriously, they aren't going to plant themselves, now are they?

You may be wondering if I am having buyers remorse.  No! In fact, I'm kicking myself because I didn't purchase the beautiful rounded sumac tree that Steve urged me to get. But since I am volunteering at the Johnson County Garden Celebration this coming Saturday...I've got three days to 'git er done.' 

Happy May Day!