Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Haters gonna hate, but creatives gotta' create.

Haters gonna' hate, but creatives gotta' create.

In the middle of two writing deadlines and an unfinished Bible Study a few weeks ago, I got this urge. Maybe it was the onset of a deep desire to procrastinate — of which I am am considered a master craftsman. But in reality it was a beautiful, 59° autumn day and the sky was radiant with warm sunshine and raining leaves. 

I actually tried to talk myself out of it, but after three attempts bolted out the back door. When my husband curiously questioned, "whatcha' doing" — as he watched me criss-cross around our five-acres of leaves — I could only answer "I don't really know.

I just had this urge to create a palette of color before these living organisms faded away — and this is the result:

I believe all artists — whether we act, sing, paint, garden, design, cook, draw, tell stories, write, play music or dance — get the urge to do what we're created to do because we were first "created in His image." The Creator created us to create. An no matter how silly it may seem at the time — sometimes you just gotta' open  the closet and grab the Play-doh.

What are you creating today?